Marini, Frank

Frank Marini was born and raised in Hudson, MA.  After joining the army, he returned to MA for college but in 1989 he moved to Houston, TX to begin his graduate training in Molecular Biology at the University of Texas.  From the start, fish and fish tanks always intrigued him.  Frank’s parents set up his first tank, a 30 gallon metal-framed glass box containing seahorses, when he was 12 and he was hooked from that day onwards.  Frank has kept a number of different fish, always focusing on predatory and unusual fish.  The first reef tank came in in 1986 and his first  large “fish only” tank in 1989. Frank fell hard for the banggai cardinal fsh in 1995,and after solving the mating issues, had multiple succesful breedings. He is credited with having the first reported spawing of these fish, with a successful raising of the fry, and has supplied local stoer with over 300 fry.  Fank has since refocused on predatory fish (mainly the scorpionfishfamily: lionfish, etc.) Frank has become a vocal proponent of keeping “fish only” tanks and expounding the merits of keeping large, visually stunning fish.  He has bred a number of ornamental fish and, in collaboration with Martin Moe, wrote a series of articles on fish breeding for the home hobbyist in the online publication Advanced Aquarist.  He currently moderates “The Fish Breeding Forum” at, and frequently contributes to topics in both reef fish and aggressive fish forums. Programs: Keeping Fish-Only Marine Aquariums