Maurer, Scott

Scott Maurer has been involved in the Aquarium hobby since he was 14 years old. The trade really grasped him when he went on fish store tours with his family. Beginning his career at Natureland Pet Center in South Hampton, PA he would go on to work for his family in their Aquarium Store, Fish N More, as well as Martins Aquarium of Jenkintown and others. Scott also has extensive experience working the wholesale side of the industry and had maintained an aquarium maintenance business for over a decade. A driving force for Scott is his genuine passion for helping others succeed with sustaining their own aquariums through his common-sense approach to Aquarium keeping: “We don’t keep fish we keep water.” Scott currently oversees operations at Reef To Rift Aquarium Store in Hatfield, PA where he continues as a thriving custodian for the industry. Programs: Reef Keeping Understanding Water as a Chemical in the Marine Environment Common Sense Reef Keeping A Fish Store… Concept to Creation