Moore, Richard

THANK YOU TO BARBARA ROMEO FOR SPONSORING DICK MOORE AT THE 2019 CONVENTION   Peter George wrote:Last year the New England Cichlid Association (NECA) awarded Richard (Dick) Moore the 1st Annual Cichlid Whisperer trophy. Subsequently, we named the award ‘The Dick Moore Cichlid Whisperer Award.’ Why? In our view, Dick is the premier breeder we have in our group here in New England. His successes are based on both science and art, as Dick utilizes his vast experience working with cichlids in ways that almost guarantee success with cichlids of all kinds, from all areas of the world. He is, simply, a superb breeder, and he sets a standard of excellence that all of us should aspire to match. And he is both a humble and generous person, always willing to share his techniques, as well as his fry, with any serious hobbyist. Dick has been invited to be a panelist at the “Masters of the Spawn” Friday night kickoff presentation at the 2019 “Dancing with the Fishroom Stars” convention.