Moscarell, Chris

Chris has been keeping and breeding tropical fish for almost 30 years. He is formally employed by one of the country’s largest waste-water treatment companies where he has acquired vast knowledge in the science of water pre-treatment. During his 15 years, working in conjunction with manufacturers to perfect water  treatment standards for specific applications, he has been able to translate much of this knowledge into his aquarium keeping skills, affording him the opportunity to create an array of different biotypes for the myriad type of fishes that he keeps and breeds Chris currently maintains 66 aquariums ranging in size from 15-150 gallons in his fish room. Most of his tanks are planted biotopes that house single species. He is an accomplished and respected breeder of South American dwarf Cichlids, Discus, domestic and wild Angelfish, Corydoras and southeast Asian torrent Loaches.  He has the proud distinction of being the first person to breed Schistura cf. balteata in captivity. Programs: Breeding Apistos