Navarro, Luis

Luis Navarro’s introduction to the hobby was in the 1980’s when he began keeping his first 10 gallong tank.  Collecting native fishwas the only way of acquiring fish since there were no fish stores in his home town in southern Mexico.  He developed a strong interest in local species and it soon became more than a hobby.  Traeling to areas in central Mexico, he was able to collect native plants and fish from the many (at that time) pristine creeks, rivers, and lagoons.  Always a fan of aquariums, he was overwhelmed with the work of Mr. Takashi Amano and began to change the way he set up planted aquariums. His is now married, with two wonderful children, and he travels the country sharing his experience with many local clubs.  Luis and a few local aquatic plant enthusiasts founded the Nature Aquarium Society of Houston. Programs: Natue Aquarium Design