Pederson, Ole

Ole Pederson has a Ph.D. in aquatic plant ecology and works as an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and as an adjunct associate professor at the University of Western Austraia in Perth. His research belongs to the border-disciplines between ecology and the physiology of submerged aquatic plant in both temperate and tropical systems, with particular focus on root aeration and uptake of CO2 for underwater photosythesis. In 1995, Ole designed the first website for Tropica Aquarium Plants and has since worked as a webmaster and consultant for Tropica, where one of his former students now works as a product developer. Ole is a dedicated planted tank hobbyist and writes for American, German, Japanese, and Danish magazines on a regular basis.  He recently had a series of articles published in the AGA’s publication, the Aquatic Gardener, and he spoike at the 2006 AGA convention in San Francisco. Programs: CO2 in Planted Aquariums Be Algae-Free