Perkins, Brian

My Father was an avid fish-keeper in his youth growing up in the Midwest United States in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s and so I was “imprinted” to the Tropical Fish hobby from very early in my life. I have kept and bred my own fish since 1965 when I received my first pair of bright red Swordtail livebearers as a present. Since then, I have kept and bred many different fishes, maintaining an avid interest in Killifish, West African Tetras,  Dwarf  Cichlids and Catfish. In 2003, I received the first shipment of wild caught  Corydoras weitzmani to reach North America, and my interest in this group of fishes started to grow once again; leading to my first trip to South America collecting these fish and many others, in 2005. By 2008 I was starting my own Tourism and Exportation business,  WildPERU , based in, Peru and making regular trips to all regions of the western Amazon. I find the opportunity to go into unexplored areas of this region in search of new fishes to be an almost irresistible desire. I am constantly driven by my intense interest in seeing what is there beyond the next bend in the river. Today after nearly 50 years of fishkeeping,  I am still avidly learning more and more about the amazing world of fishes, plants and animals, but this time from working in the field and collecting known and new species. I am living a dream from when I was a small boy; to explore the less travelled areas of the world in search of the fishes that live there. Programs: Killifish of the Madre de Dios: Notes from the Field: Peruvian Biodiversity: The Flora and Fauna of the Madre de Dios Region Tropic Beauty: Dart Frogs of the Forests of Peru and Beyond