Piller, Kyle

Dr. Piller is the Edward G. Schlieder Foundation Professor of Environmental Studies and Sustainability and Curator of Vertebrates at Southeastern Louisiana University, Dept. of Biological Sciences. Dr. Piller’s research Interests: Fishes are the most diverse group of vertebrates on the planet with more than 25,000 named and thousands of unnamed species. This massive array of diversity is intriguing and forms the basis of my research program. In particular, my lab conducts studies that focus on the diversity of fishes in the Southeastern United States, Mexico, and Central America. Most projects have significant field and laboratory components. Ongoing projects include systematic and phylogeographic studies of silversides, goodeids, darters, cichlids, and mullets, as well as population genetic studies to examine genetic differentiation in sciaenids, atherinopsids, and percids. Dr. Piller’s lab primarily provides training for students interested in pursuing doctoral degrees after completing their MS at Southeastern. Many have had great success in being admitted into doctoral programs and have gone on to become successful ichthyologists.