Ramsey, Dave

The aquariums started multiplying nearly 60 years ago  with a trio of guppies and a pair of Aphyosemion australe. Both bred.  Over the years I have raised killies, bettas, angels, gouramis, cichlids, and many others. My current interest are soft water cichlids, the different catfishes, killies and anything unusual. Even with 80+ tanks there is just not enough room. ​I am a member of most of the national organizations. I am a past contributor to the AKA JAKA magazine, and past editor of the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association ‘Fish Talk’ newsletter. I have many popular videos of live foods and fish on youtube.com (http://www.youtube.com/user/djrramsey). My talks are based around videos of fish behavior, especially courting, spawning and raising fry. Many nights and weekends are spent with the camera and camcorder in hand waiting for the magical fish moments. My other passion is growing live foods and testing the different prepared foods on my fish. My talks are designed to be both fun and informative. Now retired, there still is not enough time for fish and gardening.