Rollings, Alan

For more than 50 years Alan has had the pleasure of having at least 1 tank of fish to enjoy and look after. As with many hobbyists, he was keeping cichlids before he  was aware that such things as cichlids existed. These were the ubiquitous angels, kribs, and convicts. By the time Alan had left formal education, he had moved on to Discus. Enjoying great success until he started reading the wide range of books giving advice on the maintenance and breeding of these wonderful creatures. This is when he started searching out cichlids of all types and environments, which led to adventures in acquiring new and wondrous species. Eventually Alan got more deeply involved with the cichlid clubs in the UK, and served a number of years in the role of Cichlidae Editor, then Technical Editor, and finally a stint as Chairman of the British Cichlid Association.Then in 1996, Alan came over to America and fell in rapture of the ACA. He has been able to attend their  onvention many times since and became such a frequent attendee that he was elected to serve a term on the Board of Trustees. The next progression of his  ddiction was to move to collecting fish from the wild. Alan has been fortunate to collect 3 times in Uruguay, and more times in Mexico. Each trip has been an adventure, and made more enjoyable by the friends that he has made on each occasion. Alan’s involvement in the hobby has provided him with many good reliable friends, and he hopes to make more at the ACLC. Programs: Collecting in Northeast Mexico Collecting in Uruguay