Ross, Carol

Carol is currently the Vice-President, Editor & Exchange Editor for the Buck’s County Aquarium Society. Carol has kept fish since 1948 when she first became enchanted by the basement fishroom of one of her parents’ friends. Since then, when she started with guppies, she has maintained up to 20 or so tanks, depending upon her living space. While teaching elementary school, a 10 gallon tank almost always found its way into her classroom each year. The children, with help, decided on the decor and the fish as they would accompany her to Philadelphia for the purchase of the livestock. At the end of each school year, interested children, with parental approval, would take the fish home. Carol’s interest has always been small freshwater fish and planted community tanks. (from ACLC Tank Tales, April 2013, Volume 42, No. 4) Programs: Collecting in Peru (a tongue-in-cheek recounting of Carol’s trip with Margarita Tours on the Tucanare, up the Nanay branch of the Amazon)