Sage, Greg

Greg Sage, MEd., began selling guppies from his bedroom as a young boy in Ohio, and today runs, a fishroom of 120 tanks, specializing in rare livebearers, goodeids, and wild swordtails. Select Aquatics has also become known for the Green Dragon Plecostomus – an Ancistrus developed and bred here since 2011, and a line of Puntius (Pethia) padamya “Odessa” not available in the hobby. Chairman of the American Livebearer Association from 2000 – 2004, Greg has published numerous articles in hobbyist publications on Livebearers, livebearer husbandry, selective breeding and automatic water changingsystems. He also produces half hour presentations on Youtube – “Select Aquatics Presents” on each of the species at Select Aquatics, and answers questions from customers with videos from the fishroom. Greg resides in Erie, Colorado and can be reached at selectaquatics at Programs: Having Success with Livebearers Specifics of Livebearer Husbandry