Schadle, Mike

Mike has been seriously involved in the aquarium hobbys since his grade school days and is a certified Fishaholic, although he claims to be “in a program.”  He is interested in all aspects of aquarium keeping, but his chief interest lie in livebearing species and the chichiids of the Americas.  A member of most national specialty societies, including having been the editor of the American Livebearer Associations journam for eight hears and a termn on the American Cichlid Association’s Board of Trustees. Mike runs a business specializing in aquarium literature, and he and his books can often be seen at fish shows in the Great Lakes region.  He is frequently called on to judge at those shows, and, although he has not “done much actioneering since the slave trade died out,” mike is still one of the area’s most sought-after actioneer. Programs: Pirates of the NEC and Other Visions of a Deranged Mind