Seidel, Ingo

Since his childhood, Ingo Seidel has kept cichlids, killies, and livebearers, but over the years he found catfishes to be his real passion. From 1992 until 2006, he was the leader of the catfish section of the German Study Group AK-BSSW (Association for barbs, tetras, loaches, and catfishes).  Ingo has been able to keep and breed more than 30 species of Corydoras, innumberable Loricariid and some other catfish species as well.  He has made several trips to South America, observing many of these fishes in their natural habitats and gathering valuable information on their requirements. Always documenting his observations by photography, his photo archive now consists of thousands of slides. For over 15 years, Ingo has been writing articles about the ecology, care, and breeing of catfishes and in 2002, his first book was published.  He wrote the Baensch Catfish Atlas Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 in cooperation with his friend Hans-Georg Evers and has recently published his own book, Back to Nature:Guide to L-Catfishes.  Ingo enjoys sharing his experience with other tropical fish enthusiasts and has presented at tropical fish conventions worldwide.  Programs: Searching for new L Plecos in Northern Brazil Care and Breeding of Some Nice L Plecos The Xingu River in Brazil L Plecos – Ecology, Breeding, and Care