Steinhaus, Klaus

Although starting out in the hobby with guppies when he was eight,cichlids have been Klaus’s hobby for over 40 years.  Living in Germany, at the age of 20, his interest turned to cichlids and he joined the DCG (German Cichlid Association) and was permanently hooked.  He was forced to sell all his fish and equipment in 1982 when he moved to Canada, but the old “Fish Tank Disease” took over again.  “I needed another tank for my fry.  And another, and another ………” Klaus settled down to 18 tanks and focused on the cichlids of Lake Tanganyika, specifically the genus Tropheus.  However, lately his focus has shifted to the Central and South American cichlids, especially the “eartheaters.”  He has also dedicated tanks space to some at risk in the wild cichlids from different areasto help with conservation efforts and became very involved with C.A.R.E.S.(Conservation, Awareness, Recognition, Encouragement, and Support) Preservation Program. Klaus says, “To really enjoy a hobby, there has to be a social aspect to it.  Being able to discuss your successes and failures with fellow hobbyists is one important part.  The most importan part, however, is to meetn ew people that have the same interest you and and to ake new friends.  It is my opinion the we “old” hobbyists have an obligation to give something back to this beautiful hobby that has given so much pleasure over such a long time.” Klaus is a member of the American Cichlid Association and past member of the Durham Region Aquarium Society. Programs: Tropheus, Are They Really that Scary? CARES Preservation Program C.A.R.E.S.- Conservation