Strayer, Ph.D., David L.

Dr. Strayer is a Freshwater Ecologist with the Carey Institute 0f Ecological Systems in Millbrook, NY,  with expertise in the invasives species of streams and the Hudson River. Dr. Strayer’s research is focused on the distribution and roles of freshwater invertebrates. He is currently working on the ecology of the Hudson River and on understanding the controls on distribution and abundance of pearly mussels. He is co-author of The Pearly Mussels of New York State, a comprehensive book on unionids, a diverse and endangered group of animals. In addition, Dr. Strayer has developed A Beginner’s Key to Freshwater Meiofauna to accompany Palmer, M. A., D. L. Strayer, and S. D. Rundle. 2005. Meiofauna. In: F. R. Hauer and G. A. Lamberti (eds.). Stream ecology: field and laboratory exercises. Programs: Freshwater Inverts & Reproduction of Mussels