Taylor, Doug

Douglas Taylor is president of the Bonsai Society of Greater Springfield, MA and Vice President of the Mid Atlantic Bonsai Societies. He is also a  member of the Greater Hartford Bonsai Society. His primary bonsai teachers and mentors have been: Art Day, Nick Lenz, Suthin Sukosolvisit and  many others. Doug has been practicing the art of bonsai since 1999. He has many species of bonsai in his collection, but is very fond of Larch and Crab Apple Bonsai. For the past 6 years, Doug has been the fourth caretaker of the B.S.G.S. logo Larch. His Bonsai have won awards at regional bonsai exhibits and he was a finalist in the American Bonsai Societies New Talent Competition Programs: Demystifying the Ancient Asian Art of Bonsai