Terciera, Tony

Tony has been involved in the tropical fish hobby for over 35 years. He is a fellow of the American Killifish Association, former member of the board of trustees and former editor of the Journal of the American Killifish Association. Tony is an award winning internationally renowned photographer. His work and articles have appeared in most major hobbyist and scientific publications worldwide. Tony is also the author of Killifish, Their Care and Breeding published in 1974. It is still a definitive work in the hobby. Tony has moved into the digital era and is currently working on a variety of compilations of photos and articles for the web and CD. A sought after speaker, his presentations are seen in most aquarium clubs and conferences nationally. Tony is a noted breeder of killies, bettas, angels and most tropical fishes. Tony has been involved in the hobby for over 45 years. He has specialized in Killifish for over 40 years. He has held many positions in the AKA including Secretary, Photography Chairman and editor of Journal of The American Killifish Association (JAKA). He has been involved in the importation, breeding, and distribution of many species including wild bettas and killifish. He has written and illustrated numerous articles on all facets of the hobby, appearing in publications worldwide. Tony is an award winning internationally renowned photographer and author of Killifish, Their Care and Breeding, published in 1974. Tony has moved into the digital era and together with Charlie Nunziata has published 2 E-books on CD. One dealing with the Fundulopanchax gardneri group and the other with a collection of over 35 years of killifish photographs. Currently he is the photo editor of JAKA, manager of its Species Profile column, and a member of the JAKA Editorial Advisory Board. Tony enjoys collecting and maintaining native fishes as a part of his hobby. In 1982, Tony was named a Fellow of the American Killifish Association in recognition of his numerous contributions to the AKA and its goals. In 1998, Tony retired from a long career in education, where he served as Director of Mathematics for an Urban Public School District in Rhode Island. For more information on Tony you can visit his website: The Fish Wizards. Programs: Photography Workshop Killifish – The Gems of the Aquairum Hobby Characins Killifish Collecting Native fishes……… A trip through Alabama, the Panhandle, and the East Coast Collecting An Updated Talk On Photographing Aquariums and Aquarium Fish (with Richard Pierce) Fish Photography (with Richard Pierce) Killifish Husbandry Fish Photography