Trochu, Karl W.

Born and raised in Brittany, France.  After serving in French armed services from 1994 to 1995, Karl graduated from the University of Minnesota and set up his own business which took him to travel throughout Asia and Southeast Asia.  Since early childhood in France, Karl has always been fascinated by the world of tropical fish husbandry, breeding and raising species ranging from Bettas to Angel fish, yet he always came back to his true interest: cultivated strains of fancy Xiphophorus.  Karl also maintained a fish-room in Saint Paul, MN for many years, as long as his professional life allowed it. His other hobby in life consists of racing and riding Ducati superbikes, which nicely compliments the slow-pace of breeding fish.  Back in 2004, Karl, his wife and two children moved from Saint Paul to Miami where he was finally able to realize his aquaristic dream of maintaining an outdoor fish-room (oxymoron if any) fully dedicated to breeding, maintaining, and developing quality strains of hi-fin swordtails and platies.  Karl is currently a member of both the  American Livebearer Association and Gold Coast Aquarium Society of South Florida.  His aquaristic credentials and fame are close to none in a conventional way; He doesn’t participate in BAP’s or any other fish activities or lectures, yet as a hobbyist, Karl believes that the only thing that matters is long-term achievement and the joy provided in the process. Karl believes that the quality breeding of cultivated strains of Xiphophorus is a craft which requires patience, long-term dedication, and hard work, whose results are hard to come by, yet of limitless possibilities.  Dr. Joanne Norton, founder of the American Livebearer Association, showed us the world of cultivated platies and swordtails; all we have to do is work at it and bring it back to the heart of our common hobby. Karl’s Website is