Weitztman, Dr., Stanley (1927 – 2017)

NEC 2006 Convention – “The NEC’s Golden Anniversary” – An Evening with the Legends” Panel member Stan is a slightly newer friend of the NEC and his presence among The Legends is well deserved.  He, like his main professor George Meyers, is one who comfortably combines ichthyology and aquarium studies.  His arge laboratory in Washington, D.C., is a wonderful mixture of both preserved and live fishes.  The hobby has benefited for many decades based on his studies and observations with both of these groups of fishes.   Stanley Howard Weitzman, U.S. Ichthyologist – 16 March 1927 – Feb 16, 2017 Research Scientist Emeritus at U.S. National Museum of Natural History The NEC mourns the loss of Dr. Weitzman.