Whitman, Ann

Ann Whitman is a horticulturist, designer and writer by trade. She’s a lifelong fish hobbyist, and managed a retail fish department for seven years, back in the day.  Ann keeps water gardens and successfully breeds fish in tubs on her deck and front porch during the summer.  Ann also keeps 30+ tanks of cichlids, killifish, corydoras, suckermouth catfishes, shrimp, schooling fish and other miscellaneous tropicals in the house.   Ann will talk about choosing containers and where to put them, how to select, plant and grow floating, submersed and marginal or “edge” plants for a healthy water environment, and which fish groups make the best candidates for tub breeding and how to do it. We’ll also cover potential challenges and how to prevent them. Programs: Back Porch Ponds Outdoor Tubs Breeding Angelfish Terrariums Wabi Kusa – with Ira Gardner-Morse