Wiegert, Joshua

Joshua Wiegert is a well known aquarium author and speaker, having penned the “Conservation Corner” in FAMA and later AFI for many years. More recently, he is the author of the Bottom of the Tank in Tropical Fish Hobbyist. His feature articles have been included in many magazines over the years, and he has travelled throughout the US and beyond speaking at various aquarium clubs. He is best known, however, as the owner of Batfish Aquatics and is a solid fixture at large aquarium conventions. With Batfish Aquatics, he imports and sells a large variety of unusual aquarium fishes. Programs” Mycorrhizae and the Planted Tank You Betta, You Bet! North American Native Fish for the Aquarium Apistos Conservation and the Aquarium Introduction to Native Fish Brackish Water Fish Breeding Strategies of Freshwater Fishes Big Tanks