Williams, Jennifer

Jen got her first tank when she was seven and went through the appropriate array of guppies, barbs and tetras through to my her first encounter with keeping Cichlids when she was in high school and “Bubba” (a Melanochromis auratus with an extra dose of sassiness) paved the way to more. Years later, a craigslist ad Jen posted stating “Firemouth Cichlids, bring a net and a bucket” introduced her to something she wasn’t expecting…a formidable human in her living room filling his bucket with fish, and telling her all about local fish clubs and planted tanks. Armed with a healthy dose of curiosity at what kind of characters would be at a fish club meeting, Jen attended her first GWAPA gathering and was completely hooked. Serving on the Board of GWAPA in several positions (including President) Jen has also enjoyed participating in events with the other local clubs and the true friendships she has made in this hobby. To date Jen has a stack of ribbons from aquascaping contests, including most recently firsts in both categories at the 2014 Aquatic Experience/AGA Aquascaping  Live! Invitational Competition in Chicago, IL for 75 gallon and 5 gallon entries. She is also an avid fan of Blue-eyed Rainbowfish and enjoys keeping and breeding them with the rest of her eclectic assortment of fish.To pay the electric and water bills that accompany 241 assorted gallons of aquatic madness, Jen works as a Graphic Designer …and also enjoys fast cars and purring cats. Programs: Aquascaping & Planted Tanks for Average People Aquascaping for Average People Aquascaping for non-Aquascapers Aquascape Demo