Wilson, Rhonda Delles

Rhonda was born in 1964 in Colville Washington. Her family moved several times within Washington and Montana, returning to Colville, where Rhonda graduated high school.  In 1989 she moved to Mesa, AZ. Rhonda still lives in Mesa with her four sons, Adrian, Cooper, Spencer, and Wylie. Rhonda has been keeping aquariums since she was about 6 years old and currently keeps about 80 tanks in her fishroom.  Rhonda started converting her aquariums into natural aquariums about 15 years ago by cutting down on equipment usage and adding more plants to her tanks. She enjoys collecting different types of plants, fish, and invertebrates to go into her tanks.  Rhonda must regularly thin her tanks due to excessive plant growth. She started out as a livebearer enthusiast, and has kept a variety of fish in natural aquariums for years, successfully breeding several species. Rhonda is a former Chairman of the American Livebearer Association, elected in 1998. Rhonda has co-authored a book, The Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums and writes a monthly column for Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. She says that she is modestly involved in several aquarium clubs. Rhonda maintains The Natural Aquarium website http://naturalaquariums.com, a website that has been helping aquatic gardeners with information for their planted aquariums for over 12 years, with an emphasis on low-tech, natural aquariums and aquatic plants. Programs: Easy Aquarium Plants Native North American Aquatic Plants in Nature and in the Aquarium Natural Aquariums