Yaiullo, Joe

Joe is the curator of the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center, located in Riverhead, Long Island. He is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Aquarium’s 20,000 gallon marine tank. Joe and his staff have been extremely successful in propagating not only corals, but the marine fish are spawning as well. Joe discovered many interesting and unknown species’ behaviors of the species inhabiting theis marine tank. Joe was awarded the MASNA 2016 Aquarist of the Year, presented for his outstanding contributions to the marine aquarium hobby due, in part,  to his continued support of the hobby as well as his pioneering efforts in establishing public aquaria outreach through the reef tank at the Long Island Aquarium. He has served as a past President of LIRA, the Long Island Reef Association for 12 years. Programs: Saltwater Superstar! Reef Water Flow – How Much Is Too Much Bonsai Reef Keeping in a 20,000 Gallon Box Sometimes It’s the Little Things