Cichlid Exchange


“Serving Up Quality To The Best Retail Fish Stores” Welcome! Are you looking for a wholesale distributor with the healthiest tropical fish available? Do you want fish that have been taken care of extensively to confirm health and lack of disease? If these are your priorities, then excellent because not only are these qualities we are passionate about but they are what set us apart from other wholesale distributors. For the past 33 years, our world has evolved around our Mission to provide customers with a widespread selection of the highest quality freshwater fish available and to offer some of the most interesting and rare species obtainable. We invest in the relationship between value and quality. The beauty of our attentiveness towards our fish is that when you buy from us you don’t have to worry about quarantine time, allowing an immediate return on your investment. Having a mature footprint within the fish industry has enabled us to have an extensive number of tanks in which we house a broad range of fish. We value presenting the variety of fish we have available and avoid listing fish that are unavailable. Our ability to ship across the country, and straight to your door, should you desire, is only matched by our eclectic mix of fish from all over the world. Don’t let our name fool you; we are much more than just Cichlids. Even with our substantial involvement working with fish, we pride ourselves in continuing to improve, always increasing our knowledge base and expanding our fish selection. Every day our stock changes. New fish arrive several times a week and are sold and shipped daily. It is best to call with any inquiries. If you do not see what you want, please just ask. If you think it is rare and worth having and we can get your request fulfilled, we will. We get excited about finding new fish, too! The Cichlid Exchange is the wholesale industry leader of freshwater tropical fish, supplying an unmatched variety to our customers and providing quality fish, excellent service, and dependability. We strive to form long term relationships with our customers and focus on providing personalized attention to satisfy our customers’ needs. Doing business with us will allow you to set yourself apart from your competitors, have what your customers’ desire, and avoid losing sales to internet purchases. We look forward to working with you. We are here to answer your call, Monday through Friday, 8am-5:00 pm Pacific Time. Please feel free to phone, fax, or email us if you have any questions. Thank You, The Cichlid Exchange Your Tropical Fish Wholesaler