San Francisco Bay Brand



Welcome to San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc., this brief history tells our story about developing the finest and most nutritious fish foods that are available today. San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc is owned and operated by the Schmidt family, headed by Andreas who is a second-generation owner with more than 20 years experience in the aquarium fish food and aquaculture business. From our predecessor’s in 1934, our goal to provide the most nutritious diets available that are closest to each species natural diet has been dramatically borne out. San Francisco Bay Brand® aquarium fish foods are the favorite, savory foods from their natural environment. Equally important, each wholesome product provides all the essential nutrients that are so vital to fish growth and good health. SFBB now has worldwide distribution for our product lines of Brine Shrimp, Natural Formulated Diets™, Single Ingredient Diets, Dry Diets, Brine Shrimp Eggs, and Seaweed Salad™. We will continue to provide research to develop new diets to enhance the lives of each aquatic pet and the hobbyist. San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. 8239 Enterprise Drive Newark, CA 94560     Email