Wet Spot



One of the most unique freshwater aquarium fish stores you will ever encounter! Blending a hobbyist passion and an entrepreneurial dream does not always come to fruition. Though that is exactly where this story begins. A young man in pursuit of obtaining the most unique and healthy specimens of tropical fish available was a culmination of a history of raising and keeping fish in his parents basement. Having journeyed repeatedly to Malaysia, Singapore, Lake Malawi, and the tropics of the Amazon River, our founder grew his knowledge and craft. He decided to pass that love of aquatic life into the public venue, where he witnessed there was an appreciation and desire for tropical fish. Believing in the power of the local small business, a retail store was born in Portland, Oregon. Dubbed the Wet Spot Tropical Fish, the name pays homage to the reality that occurs when working with over 400 tanks—things are bound to get a little wet! Sixteen years later, we continue to stay true to our roots of not sacrificing quality for quantity, while providing the aquatic loving community with the most unique, healthy, and varied assortment of freshwater fish. Our dedication and specialization in freshwater fish has resulted in an unparalleled selection of fish, both popular types and exotic fish that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Our passion has culminated in being the largest freshwater aquarium store on the west coast. People drive for hours to shop at our store but don’t worry we also ship anywhere in the United States. Customer Service Telephone: (503) 287-3339 E-mail: info@wetspottropicalfish.com Online Sales Telephone: (503) 719-7003 E-mail: sales@wetspottropicalfish.com Maintenance Services/Custom Tank Quotes Telephone: (503) 287-3339 E-mail:  info@wetspottropicalfish.com The Wet Spot Tropical Fish 4310 NE Hancock Street Portland, OR 97213