Zoo Med



Zoo Med Laboratories has been on the cutting edge of reptile husbandry and innovation for going on 40 years. In 1993 Zoo Med developed the first UVB lamp for reptiles which changed the way all Zoo’s, herpetologist and hobbyist keep reptiles in captivity. Our lamps are used by all Zoo’s and hobbyists the world over and we estimate our UVB lamps have saved hundreds of thousands of reptiles in captivity from an early demise due to metallic bone syndrome. Zoo Med currently has over 30 patents and manufactures over 50% of its 1200 SKU product line at company headquarters in San Luis Obispo, California. Zoo Med also has an extensive reptile breeding program and we currently house 490 turtles, 76 tortoises, 125 lizards, and 12 amphibians. Since 2009 we have successfully hatched over 1,500 of the above animals (46 species; many of them endangered). Zoo Med supports 10 conservation organizations, and regularly donates to over 100+ aquarium, reptile, and avian societies. Currently Zoo Med is on the waiting list for the Tesla PowerWall so we can (with the combined use of solar panels) go off the grid and generate our own power.