Axolotls Anonymous

Chris- I will be offering guppies, catfish, plecos, shrimp and plants for sale. I have been raising freshwater tropical fish for over 30 years. In recent years I have concentrated on breeding and showing fancy guppies. In 2014, I brought my first entries to an IFGA sanctioned show. With much help from fellow NFGA club members, I learned a great deal. In 2015, my first full-season of competing, I won Novice Overall class champion, and them became the runner-up in Grand Overall Male in 2017. I am also a certified IGFA judge.   Mike- I specialize in raising quality axolotls/Mexican walking salamanders. My adults/breeders are hand selected for their outstanding characteristics and include a variety of color morphs. I have been breeding tropical fish since the age of six and more recently have branched out to axolotls. Owning axolotls has been a wonderful experience as they make great pets for people of all ages (especially kids!). These animals have vibrant colors, awesome personalities and are low maintenance making them excellent additions to your private collection!